Project Authors: Darvish Fakhr

Darvish Fakhr is an artist and a painter. Born in 1969, Fakhr grew up in the U.S. before moving to Britain where his practice has been based for the last two decades. He currently lives in Brighton, Sussex. He is an award-winning artist in the field of Iranian portrait paintings. Of American/ Iranian heritage, Fakhr trained at the Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. In 2004 he won the BP Travel Award and used the opportunity to go to Iran and paint local people in Tehran and Isfahan.

2014 "Palimpsest" Edge of Arabia (upcoming Sept 4-Oct 2), London 2013 "Farce" Aun Gallery, Tehran 2011 "Safar" Aun Gallery, Tehran 2008 Commissioned by Jerwood Gallery to paint Akram Khan. The nine piece panel is now part of the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery, London. 2007 "Embodiment" group show- Signal Gallery, Hoxton, London 2007 BP Award- National Portrait Gallery, London and Edinburgh 2006 BP Award- National Portrait Gallery, London and Aberdeen 2005 BP Travel Award Show, National Portrait Gallery, London and Edinburgh 2004 Winner of BP Travel Award, National Portrait Gallery, London 2003 Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London 2003 Quod Art Gallery, Brighton 2002 Chelsea Art Fair, London 2001 Medici Gallery, Piccadilly, London 2001 Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London 2001 Royal West of England Academy, 3rd Place, Bristol 2000 BP Award - National Portrait Gallery, London and Aberdeen 1999 BP Award - National Portrait Gallery, London and Aberdeen 1998 BP Award - National Portrait Gallery, London and Aberdeen 1998 Exhibition of Portraits at Blue Gallery, Chelsea l997 Degree Show, Slade School of Fine Art l993 Annual Boit Competition, Museum School, Boston, Mass.

2013 Farce; Aun Gallery 2011 Safar; Aun Gallery 2007 BP Portrait Award 2006 "The Portrait Now" by Sandy Nairne and Sarah Howgate 2005 BP Portrait Award.

The Observer: Look Out For a Man on a ‘Flying Carpet’ at the Armory Show

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet (darvish is the Farsi translation for dervish) - The one that rides the flying carpet is the person I would like more to be. It is the darvish who has shed the capital "D", who prefers not to be weighted down by titles or the ambition of arrival... to be at peace among heaving madness. This is the state of mind I get myself into when I am traveling on my board.

My board is an electric longboard (long skateboard) that I have customized to my own needs. On top lies a hand made Persian Carpet that I perform my dance on. I wear a variation of a traditional 'darvish' costume. The only contemporary hint, other than the skateboard, is the white iphone headphones that poke up through my white gown.

Rather than whirling, I glide through the streets slowly in a twisting wave pattern of double helixes thereby affecting the flight of the board. When I wear my dervish hat I take a vow of silence, and seek communication through gesture.

Ultimately my 'journey's" are a way of seeking a higher plane of consciousness in hopes that it will not only bring a smile to people's faces but also a sense of 'stillness' through movement. I would like to one day fly my board around the world.

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